ORGANOMX - liquid chelate fertilizers

 What is the «Chelate substances»?

Chelate (from lat. chelate —claw) complex chemical compounds of metals, included chelate agents.

What is a more effective inorganic salts or chelates?

Structure of chelates is identical to a naturals structure of elements    – that is why the chelates is biologically active and have excellent   assimilation. A lot of the famous substances, such is vitamin В12,   chlorophyll, has a natural  sheen.

About safety of chelate micronutrient fertilizers for the plants,   soils, human.

If you follow exactly the manufacturers safety, maintenance   instructions and dosage correctly, then the chelate substances will   be perfectly harmless for plants and human. The chelate   substances use eliminates soil salinating and goes to decrease the   level of nitrates and nitrites in the soil.  In so doing, any soil   vitamins has increased .

Where development of the fertilizer “ORGANOMIX” composition is carried out?

Composition of the fertilizer “ORGANOMIX” has been developed by manufacture  CJSC «PETROCHEM» and fine chemical laboratory of the Belgorod University.

The Micronutrients  – a chemical elements adequate normal vital functions. Unlike the some basic nutrient components, the plants are required a micro dose micronutrients. With the micronutrients help accelerates the plant growth, the seeds have arrived quickly.  The plants becomes a more bad weather-, bacteria-, fungi- resistant. The micronutrients are indispensable for normal growth and development  of the plants. Poor harvest or crop failure could occur through micronutrient deficiencies.

Distinctive features of the fertilizer “ORGANOMIX”

Unlike the inorganic salts (sulfates, carbonates), which are used for older fertilizers, the chelate substances become highly soluble in the water, are assimilated till 100%  by plants and not toxic.

Advantage of  the micronutrient leaf feeding is absorbability till 100% of the bioactive indispensable substances

Why  a seed and vegetative part of the plant needs to bee sprayed?

After spraying by “ORGANOMIX” the seeds are germinate a more quickly, plants becomes a more bad weather-, disease- resistant. Through the leaf feeding application have excluded fertilizer loss.  Quantity and quality of the fruits  gets a better, while the nitrate concentrations were decreasing.

Combining use the “ORGANOMIX” with pesticides and herbicides

When sharing the “ORGANOMIX” and pesticide, dose of the pesticide should be reduced, because the “ORGANOMIX” has fungicidal activity. Mixing the ‘ORGANOMIX’ with herbicides is allowed after testing for compatibility. It is important to follow the manufacturers directions.

Advantage of the liquid fertilizer

Ready working solutions are prepared with the liquid fertilizer a more quickly (without mother-liquor). The liquid fertilizers are easy to dose.

What is damage the chelates substances?

Very acid solutions could to damage the chelate substances (becomes to the inorganic salts). Very alkaline solutions could to damage the chelate substances also (becomes to  the insoluble hydroxides).  Chelate concentration falls sharply under the ultraviolet light.


  • The chelate micronutrients Fe, Mn, Zn, Сu, Со, Мо, В, Mg, S
  • The organic acids (oxiaetylidendiphosphonic, citric, succinic, aetylendiamintetraacetic)
  • Dihydroquercetin

Water-soluble composition, through which fertilizer does not precipitate within an extended range of рН.  The fertilizer, which including the natural bioflavonoid Dihydroquercetin –  the first in the ranking natural antioxidant, which speeds down lipid peroxidation. Also DHQ is an organic transportation agent, which speeds up transcutaneus transfer of the chemical elements and micronutrients.

Full composition of the chelate fertilizer “ORGANOMIX”:

Марки и область применения ЖХУ «ОРГАНОМИКС»


Modes of application

Treating seeds prior to sowing. Treating of the seeds by fertilizer ORGANOMIX is carry out (can mix with herbicides) on the standard equipment per 1L fertilizer/ton seed. Solution can be diluted with the water or herbicide, if necessary. Mixing the ‘ORGANOMIX’ with herbicides is allowed after testing for compatibility. The precipitate should not be formed during mixing solutions (perhaps turbidity).

Leaf feeding can be provided with the crop protecting agents. The fertilizer combined well with Carbamide, the most herbicides and insecticides. Organomix  forms are precipitate with salts of orthophosphoric acid.

For spraying crops can be used a different standard equipment. Before using of the ready working solution, concentrate must be diluted. For the crops in a concentration — 1:250 — 1:300, for the fruits — 1:400 — 1:600. The optimal atmospheric temperature should be within the range of +10-25°С. Leaf feeding can be provided 2-3 times a season at intervals of 2 weeks early in the morning or evening, without the bright sunlight, rain and strong wind.  The ORGANOMIX is a very effective product, overdose is not allowed!

It is important to follow the manufacturers directions before using!